Sunday, December 5, 2010

Presentation Folder on 35th Anniv of China Bangladesh Diplomatic Relation

Bangladesh PO sold a Presentation Folder on 35th Anniversery of China Bangladesh Diplomatic Relationship.
VERY RARE only 300 Folder sold
Bangladesh 2010 New Issue on 35 Years of Bangladesh China Diplomatic Relation.
Very limited (ONLY 300) Folder issued with one Souvenir Sheet inside of each.
Folder contains one Joint FDC with China & Bangladesh. And a very special Souvenir Sheet.
This Souvenir Sheet is only sold with the folders. So only 500 Souvenir Sheet issued.
1v (Highest Face Value Ever) issued by Bangladesh Post Office.
Item condition: MNH with Original Gum

Monday, June 21, 2010

MaxiCard of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Post office issued set of 4 Maxi Card for first time in her history on celebration of 400 years of Dhaka City.Maxi cards shows railway station,Building, archeologgical site,heritage etc.
Offer: 4 diff Maxi card(limited edition) by reg mail
Want: 4diff UNC Polymer banknotes by reg mail.Not Nepal/Vietnam

Friday, June 11, 2010

Want 4 different polymer UNC banknotes(no SARC country please) by reg mail.
Offer- historic(antique) UNC bank notes of Japan used in Burma/Myanmar during 2nd world war,very interesting but very very scares- by reg mail.I dont send first due to bitter experience

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Postal stationery of BD

Want 12diff UNC Polymer banknotes(Not Nepal/Vietnam) by reg mail.In exchange I shall give by reg mail 12 diff mint Postal stationery of BD,out of them 9 are of high catalog value,very scarce.YOU SHOULD SEND FIRST.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Special Cover on Archeological Relics of Bangladesh

Set of 4 private registered Special covers on Archeological sites of Bangladesh, commercially used from relevant Archeological sites.
Price- 8US$
Shipping cost- 2.5 $
Reg Shipping cost- Extra 3.5 $(total 6$)
Payment- PayPal(If you use PayPal to send money,add 1.00$ extra) Cash by reg mail

Saturday, January 9, 2010

BD 1000 Tk UNC 1st series Banknote

Bangladeshi 1000 Taka UNC Banknote 1st issue.

**Only 1 copy available
Price - 29.9 US$

Method of payment- PayPal

Shipping and handling:3 US$

For registered shipping Please add 3.5$ extra

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Banladeshi new 5 & 10 Tk UNC banknote

Bangladeshi 5& 10 Taka UNC Banknote New issue.

Condition- UNC
Price – 0.25 & 0.50 US$ respectively
For combined shipping,you will get reduction.
Method of payment- PayPal

The actual note may have a different serial number. Please use the image as a reference only.

Shipping and handling:2.5 US$ and each additional 10 banknotes shipping fee costs only US$1.

For registered shipping Please add 3.5$ extra